150 New Police Officers For Essex

28 March 2018, 08:11 | Updated: 28 March 2018, 08:12

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Essex Police has announced that 150 new police officer posts will be created across the county over the next year.

They will be out on the front line from January, working mainly in local teams.

53 officers will go to Local Policing Teams who work on the front line on patrol, responding to emergency and priority calls.

Community Policing Teams will get an extra 50 officers to increase visibility, prevent crime and work on the front line with partners to tackle crime and community problems such as anti-social behaviour.

There will be 21 more detectives to investigate domestic abuse and help vulnerable people to safety.

25 officers will go to the Operational Support Group (OSG), the uniformed team which supports local officers to prevent crime, tackle offenders and carry out visible patrols as well as using specialist tactics.

And the force’s ability to tackle the rise in online crime will also be bolstered by adding an extra specialist officer to the Cyber Crime Unit.

Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh said: “I’ve heard communities across Essex tell me they are hugely grateful for what my officers and staff do but people want to see more of us more often in their communities. I agree with them and my promise has always been that when funding allows we will invest in those local teams to help communities but also give my teams support.”

“Now we can put more cops in communities and give hardworking officers dealing with traumatic incidents more support and resilience. Over the last five years I’ve taken officers from local policing teams so they can work on harmful, complex crimes. That was never an easy decision but it was a right one and necessary to protect the people who need us most.”

“I know 150 officers in Essex cannot be the end of the story, though. We still face big challenges and we still have victims of crime who want more of our time than we are able to give. We’ll still have to prioritise our time and make really difficult decisions about the incidents we deal with. But today’s announcement is a start and it makes the thin blue line a good deal less thin in Essex.”