Basildon: Arrests In Driving Crackdown

Essex Police have arrested six men and seized fourteen vehicles during a motoring crackdown in Basildon.

More than 40 officers carried out roadside checks on 320 vehicles, as part of Operation Surround A Town.

Four men were arrested on suspicion of stealing clothes from a charity after police found their truck to be loaded with British Heart Foundation collection bags.

Another two men were arrested, one on suspicion of driving while disqualified and possessing cannabis, and another on suspicion of being involved in a domestic assault.

Fourteen vehicles were seized for no insurance during the October 9th operation.

Offenders were identified by patrolling officers and vehicles were escorted to check sites at East Mayne and at London Road, Vange.

One in three drivers who were stopped by the officers had failed to wear their seatbelts. Some 102 people in the cars which were stopped were not wearing the safety device.

Police said 103 vehicles had expired MOTs, while 40 drivers were seen using mobile phones.

Essex Police Casualty Reduction manager Adam Pipe said: "People are still driving uninsured, do not have licences or have cars without MOTs. Drivers continue to use mobile phones and to drive without wearing seatbelts.

"We need help from the people of Essex to help us to improve driver behaviour. If you have relatives or friends who drink-drive, don't have insurance or an MoT and continue to use a mobile or fail to wear a seatbelt, either tell us and we will investigate or talk to them yourselves."