Breck Bednar's family receive threats on Snapchat

20 February 2019, 07:38 | Updated: 20 February 2019, 07:40

Breck Bednar

The mother of teenager Breck Bednar claims her son's killer is now taunting her family from prison via social media.

Breck (pictured) was groomed online and then killed at a flat in Grays by Lewis Daynes.

Breck's mum, Lorin LaFave, says threatening Snapchat messages have been sent to Breck's sister claiming to be from Daynes's cousin.

But Lorin believes they may well be from the killer himself.

She told Heart messages have even been received this week, and that there have been threats about digging Breck up and smashing his tombstone.

"As much as I want to fix this problem, and help, and do the job - I need the help of police, I need the help of the professionals," she told us.

"If it's not Lewis or his family then we need to make sure we stop this person who is pretending to be him.

"But in my heart of hearts I know that he has the capability."

Lorin also wants more to be done with regards to the role of social media companies in investigations.

"Time and time {again} our children are being exploited and used online, and we need to be able to get laws put in place so that social media platforms are held accountable.

"We need to make sure the social media platforms will help when there are incidents that are not safe."

Kent Police say they're looking into reports of malicious communications.

A prison spokesperson has told Heart they "do not tolerate the use of mobile phones in prisons and anyone found with one faces extra time behind bars."