Burnham: Missing Kayaker Found Dead

7 August 2012, 10:22 | Updated: 7 August 2012, 10:24

A missing kayaker from Burnham-on-Crouch has been found dead in Bradwell.

The 59 year-old had gone on the water between 2pm and 4pm yesterday afternoon (Monday, August 6).

His partner called the police and reported he was overdue to return.

A search was started at around 3am this morning (Tuersday, August 7) and a walker found the man's body on the coast at Bradwell.

He was prenounced dead at the scene.

Aimee Rampton, Thames Coastguard Watch Manager said: "HM Coastguard recommends that you don?t go out alone in a small craft like a kayak.

"Secondly, it is vital that you give full details to a shore contact including your starting point for the trip, where you are going and when you will be back.

"There was a big squall which came through the area on Monday afternoon, severe enough to cause a problem to even experienced kayakers. Sadly, you cannot always predict conditions at sea even when they appear benign when you set off."