Cat Found In Illegal Trap In Essex Needs To Go Home

19 February 2015, 05:26 | Updated: 19 February 2015, 05:29

It was an extremely unlucky Friday 13th for one cat in Essex, who got her foot caught in an illegally-set trap and then got wedged in a garden fence as she tried to escape.

The RSPCA is looking for the owner of this small female tortoiseshell, nicknamed Freida after the day of her accident. She was found tangled in some trellis in a garden in Poplar Close, Ingatestone, Essex last Friday (13 February) by a passing gardener.

It is thought Freida, thought to be just a year or two old, had struggled to drag herself along after previously getting her foot caught in a Fenn trap. The trap then got stuck as she passed the trellis.

She is currently receiving care at the RSPCA's Chelmsford branch. Her paw was completely swollen when she was found and although this has since gone down there is potential nerve and spinal damage and she is being closely monitored.

RSPCA animal collection officer Donna Green said: "Poor Freida was stuck fast when she was found. The trap was completely wedged in the garden trellis and she just could not move.

"She was found by chance by a passing gardener and it is not known how long she was there, but she was starving and very thin so it is thought it could have been some time.

"Sadly she is not microchipped so we have no way of knowing where she came from - there could be a distraught owner waiting for her to come home.

"She is such a sweet little cat, and so friendly, so I would love to help her find her way home if possible. I would also urge anyone with any information about this trap and how it came to be set in this way to get in touch.

"While it is not an illegal trap in itself, we think it was illegally set as these kind of traps should be set in a tunnel and secured to the ground. If this one had been set like this, Freida would not have been able to drag it behind her as she did.

"We do not know who set this trap or why, but urge people to be aware how dangerous they can be for pets and wildlife."

Anyone with information about who Freida's owner might be, or who knows anything about who might once have owned the trap, or placed it there, should call us on 0300 123 8018."