Christmas Lights Catch Fire Ruining House In Grays

25 December 2018, 08:10

Essex Fire Rescue

A house in Grays has been left uninhabitable after Christmas lights were left on overnight and caught alight.

Crews were called to Chadwell Road in the early hours of this morning to reports of a fire in the lounge.

Watch Manager Kerry Taylor, Orsett Fire Station, said:

"The couple were only alerted to the fire after the man woke up and realised something was burning downstairs.

"There was then a delay in the couple getting out of the house as they had locked their front door and kept the key somewhere else in the house.

"Keeping your door secure is extremely important, but always ensure you have easy access to the key so you can leave quickly and easily when needed.

"Always turn all lights off when you leave a room and never leave them on overnight.

"This incident shows how important it is to have working smoke alarms - had the man not woken up at that point the outcome of this incident could have been very different.

"Smoke alarms alert you to the first sign of smoke and fire - they will save your life."