Essex Police Reassure County After Armed Robbery In Witham

14 December 2016, 17:42 | Updated: 14 December 2016, 18:41

A six figure sum of money has been stolen during an armed robbery in Witham, hours after an armed man separately went on the run in Wivenhoe.

Guards were delivering cash to the Asda store in the town shortly after 8:30am this morning when three men wearing balaclavas robbed them.

One is believed have been armed with a shotgun.

It's as specialist teams and the dog unit have been out today searching for a man who could be armed in Wivenhoe after a break-in at a property in Stanley Road last night.

Essex Police are this afternoon offering reassurance after these two things happened within twelve hours of each other.

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Worron made the following statement: "I am aware that the people of Wivenhoe and Witham, and the wider Essex public, will be concerned at these two incidents involving firearms.

"In the case of the Wivenhoe incident, we have no information to suggest that the individual we are seeking poses a risk to members of the public. We would ask residents to be vigilant and alert, but not alarmed and to go about their daily business as usual.

"In relation to the armed robbery in Witham, we understand this was frightening for those involved and the members of the public present, however again we have no information to suggest that the men responsible pose any further threat to the public.

"We have significant resources dedicated to locating and arresting the men in both incidents including specialist detectives from the Serious and Organised Crime Directorate.

"Our teams investigating both incidents will be working around the clock to bring those responsible into our custody and to justice.

"And in the case of the Witham armed robbery our detectives have already recovered the vehicle believed to have been involved and are making fast progress in catching those responsible."

Essex Police are also asking anyone with dash cam footage of the ASDA robbery to come forward.

Assistant Chief Constable Worron also told Heart: "I understand the community will be concerned and some people will be frightened but I don’t believe there’s a wider threat to the public.

"Remain alert, remain vigilant, if you have any concerns call us but please feel free to go about your everyday business."

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If anyone has any information about either incident then please contact Essex Police on 101. However if you believe you are in immediate danger or see anything suspicion then contact Essex Police immediately by calling 999.