Essex Students' Space Mission

15 January 2011, 00:00

270 children from 7 Essex schools are taking part in a new project training like an astronaut.

Mission X is being run by the UK Space Agency for the first time to help youngsters learn about what it takes to be an astronaut and help boost their health and fitness.

Students have been taking part in workshops involving a mix of science, co-ordination and dexterity challenges, and exercise.

Jeremy Curtis is head of education for the UK Space Agency: "astronauts have to be very healthy and fit and if you put the two together you can inspire kids to have a healthy lifestyle by copying what astronauts do."

The youngsters from several schools came together at Mountfitchet Maths and Computing College.

Head of science there Charmaine Dunham's been telling Heart: "The children have been absolutely fantastic, I didn't think the response would be as immense as it has, they've thoroughly enjoyed it, solving problems and working together as teams, which is lovely."

The scheme could be expanded around the country next year.