Essex's PCC Reassures Over Brentwood Police Station Move

21 November 2016, 05:55 | Updated: 21 November 2016, 06:11

The Police and Crime Commisioner for Essex has told Heart - the sale of Brentwood Police station - WILL be a good thing for the community.

Roger Hirst has moved to reassure residents after concerns the move into the Town Hall would mean a smaller police presence.

He said: "It will still be 24/7 policing from here, it's nearer the town centre. There is always a front desk open here so you'll be able to come in and ask to speak to a police officer."

"We should realise a substantial sum of several million pounds from the sale of Brentwood police station.

"That will go into investment into policing, part of it will go into new technologies and part of it will go into a new Police HQ."

Public briefing documents on the matter can be downloaded at the links below: