A family affair at one Essex hospital

Martyn Rayner and seven members of his family currently work at Colchester Hospital.

Along with his wife Maria and three of their five children, his younger sister, a daughter-in-law and the partner of one of his sons also work there.

On top of that, his mother, mother-in-law and father-in-law, all used to be hospital workers in Colchester too before retiring.

48 year old Martyn from Shrub End, Colchester, joined the Electro-Biomedical Engineering Department (EBME) in November last year, where he repairs surgical instruments.

The family members currently working at the hospital are:

  • his wife 49 year old Maria Rayner - who has worked there for 12 years as receptionist in the A&E department
  • his eldest son, 28 year old Sam Rayner - who for the past seven years has worked at the hospital for Carillion, the private company that supplies services like catering, cleaning and portering
  • his middle son, 24 year old Adam Rayner - who has worked for Carillion for the past four years
  • his elder daughter, 22 year old Ashlee Rayner - who joined the hospital a month ago and, like her mother, works as a receptionist in the A&E department
  • his younger sister 46 year old Carolyn Newman - who has worked as a midwife at the hospital for more than 10 years
  • Sam’s partner 20 year old Natalie McIntyre works as a healthcare assistant on West Bergholt Ward, Colchester General Hospital. She has worked for the Trust for more than three years
  • Adam’s wife, 25 year old Krystal Rayner - who earlier this month returned to work from maternity leave, has worked for Carillion for the past two years.

Martyn’s mother, Joan Rayner, aged 75, worked on the switchboard of St Mary’s Hospital, Colchester. The hospital was closed in 1993 and later demolished.

His father-in-law, Colin Andrews, 78, was maintenance foreman at Turner Village Hospital and was based in The Old Boilerhouse, which is where Martyn now works.

His mother-in-law, Pam Andrews, 75, worked at the former Woodlands Centre in Turner Road, Colchester, part of the old Turner Village Hospital, mentoring the clients on a day release scheme.

Martyn said: “Because we have such a large family and my wife starts studying for her master’s degree next year, we are not often able to spend much quality time together at home.

“Therefore, we often catch up for a coffee together at work at lunchtime, which is also something I really enjoy doing with Sam, Adam and Ashlee.

“Although I’m only a relatively newcomer to the hospital, I’m really enjoying my job because it is so varied and it feels as if I’m able to use all the skills that I have gained over the past 30 years.”

Martyn and Maria have two other children – 13 year old Olivia and 7 year old Isaac who wants to become a doctor – so more Rayners could join the workforce in the future. The couple also have four grandchildren.