Food Bank Usage Rises In Essex

24 April 2018, 08:07 | Updated: 24 April 2018, 08:08


Record numbers of emergency food supplies are being handed out by food banks.

The Trussell Trust says its network distributed more than 1.3 million three-day food parcels in the year to March, a 13 per cent increase on the previous 12 months.

Almost half a million went to children, said the trust, which runs more than 400 food banks across the UK.

A growing proportion of referrals to food banks were due to benefit levels not covering the cost of essential goods and services.

More than 32,000 parcels were given to people in Essex.

"More needs to be done with the poverty trap so that people are better off working," Michael Beckett from Colchester Foodbank told Heart.

"And {so} that they can transition through difficulties such as a bereavement or other such personal event that happens to most of us from time to time."