Football Fever In Essex

11 July 2018, 17:08


As England get ready for their World Cup semi-final against Croatia... football fever's hitting Essex.

There's red crosses on mini roundabouts in Brentwood, the girls choir at Chelmsford Cathedral's recorded their own version of 'Three Lions', a busker in Chelmsford has changed the words to 'Nessun Dorma', so they relate to England's match this evening and and one area in South Essex has gone all out, decorating most of their streets with St George's flags.

Mark Radley who's helped to put them up in Eastwood, told Heart it started after a local elderly man put up 9 initial flags, but someone ripped them all down.

Mark and other local residents then decided to put the flags back up, but expanded the area they were decorating, onto other streets as well.

The flag fever's now spread to Rochford where Sarah Lindores told us "we managed to source 288 flags and 30 big flags and we just asked the community to come out and help us... the response we had was just amazing."

Mark Radley told Heart "At the end of the day we just hope that it's made the old man happy and that we haven't forgotten what he did at the start."