Fourth Arrest Over Romford Murder

27 June 2018, 15:42

Police generic

A 16 year old boy has been arrested in East London this morning, on suspicion of the murder of a teenager who was killed outside a birthday party in Romford.

15 year old Jordan Douherty died when he was beaten and stabbed by more than five attackers on Saturday night.

Three other teens who were held at the scene on suspicion of murder - have been released under investigation.

Detectives have appealed for witnesses to come forward, although Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt admitted that many of the partygoers are not willing to speak to the police.

Detective Chief Inspector Larry Smith said: "We've spoken to a number of people who were there, but we're appealing to everybody that was in the community centre, in the vicinity of Clock House Lane, a pedestrian or driving past, please contact us with details of anything you heard or what you saw.

"You may think it is irrelevant but please let us make that decision.

"We're aware that people were videoing the events that evening, we're very, very keen to see any product that people have.

"Someone will have seen Jordan being assaulted and stabbed, and we're appealing to those people to come forward and tell us what they saw, and who they saw do what."