Grieving Father Backs Essex Knife Amnesty

12 February 2018, 07:41 | Updated: 12 February 2018, 07:44

Knife crime

A grieving father is backing a knife amnesty across Essex after his son was stabbed to death.

Paul Dove's son, Billy, was killed by a single stab wound 6 years ago. 

"{It} ruined us, literally ruined us, he was our only child as well - 21. 

"It is awful, {he was a} totally innocent boy as well," he told Heart. 

Paul wants children to be educated about the dangers of knife crime from an early age. 

"They need help. This is a transfer from junior school to secondary school - that's a dangerous time because they're turning from kids - they try and turn into men. 

"They're drawn into these gangs." 

This week, Operation Sceptre will see more police on the streets and targeted weapons raids across Essex. 

There'll also be knife amnesty bins.