Harlow Car Cruise Dispersal Order

4 November 2018, 11:38 | Updated: 4 November 2018, 11:42

4th Nov 2018 Disperal Order

A dispersal order will be coming into force for Harlow this evening ahead of a planned Car Cruising event.

It'll be in place from 6pm Sunday til 6am Monday and comes after concerns from residents of possible anti-social behaviour from those due to attend the event including noise and dangerous driving.


Essex Police say a dispersal order has been put in place in Harlow from 6pm on Sunday, November 4, in response to a planned car cruise.

It will run until 6am on Monday, November 5 and follows concerns there may be anti-social behaviour, including loud music and dangerous and erratic driving.

4th Nov 2018 Disperal Order

Sergeant Kevin Mayle, of the Harlow Community Policing Team, said:

"We’re putting the dispersal order in place because residents have raised concerns about the erratic driving, noise, large crowds and anti-social behaviour at previous meets in retail parks in the town.

This has affected the quality of life for local residents and has also impacted on local businesses.”

The dispersal order gives our officers the power to order people causing anti-social behaviour to leave these areas.

It is a criminal offence to breach a direction given under a dispersal order and in the worst cases this can result in a criminal conviction punishable by up to six months imprisonment or a fine of up to £5,000.