Hoards Of Stolen Jewellery Found In Canvey

Thousands of pounds of stolen jewellery and electrical items have been recovered from an address on Canvey Island.

During a search last week Essex Police found more than 100 watches, jewellery, decorative small items, foreign coins, and electrical items including Nintendo DS Lites, X boxes, a Playstation 3, iPod docking stations and a TV.

More unusual items found at the property included three miniature violins and other musical instruments.

The force has now released images of the stolen items in a bid to track down their rightful owners.

Calley Mackay, who specialises in identifying stolen items for local police, said: ''Electrical items are notoriously difficult to track back to their owners unless they have been reported stolen and a note was kept of their serial numbers.

''I have been able to access the hard drives of some of the recovered games systems which include details of the player's user ID.  I would therefore encourage anyone who has had one of these devices stolen to call me and tell me your user ID, so I can see if it matches those on any of the recovered items I have here.''