More Than 1000 Using Essex's A&Es A Day

4 November 2015, 06:00

Figures seen by Heart show just how busy Essex's A&Es have been over the past year.

We asked all five of the hospitals in Essex to share their A&E attendance figures with us, and Colchester, Princess Alexandra, Basildon and Thurrock and Southend all responded. 

The stats from September 2014-September 2015 show just how busy emergency departments get here - with an average of 1153 people needing emergency treatment every day. 

What they also show, however, is the way some months this summer were even busier than the 2014-15 winter months, when hospitals usually always see a drop in 

For example 35,349 people (an average of 1140 a day) needed treating in July, compared to 31,529 in January (1,117 a day).

Essex A&E Daily Figures

Already this Autumn, Southend Hospital have had to declare a 'black alert.'

Non-essential operations, and things like knee operations, general surgery operations were cancelled, because more than X people showed up at Accident and Emergancy 

Sue Hardy's the Chief Executive at the Hospital, she told Heart: 

"those beds that we would normally put elective patients in who had come in for operations, they had to have emergency patients in - so it was about moving our doctors around so we can provide the right care for patients"

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