New Footage Shows Moments Before 'Goldfinger' Murder

Police have released new footage showing the moments before John 'Goldfinger' Palmer was murdered at his home near Brentwood.

The two clips, from CCTV cameras at Palmer's home in South Weald, are the last footage of the notorious gangster before he was shot dead in his garden last June.

The time stamp on the CCTV is 4.23pm, however the system was approximately 55 minutes behind the actual time so this would have been around 5.18pm on the day he died.

Mr Palmer was discovered collapsed in the garden at about 5.30pm.

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The footage has been released as the force provided further details about the killing, saying it bore the hallmarks of a gangland hit.

A TV appeal has been made for help to catch the 65-year-old's killer and detectives said they have not ruled out a possible link to last year's Hatton Garden heist.