Night Time Violence Rises In North Essex

Police say they will not go easy on anyone who gets violent in Colchester after a rise in night time violence.

Officers are now taking a zero tolerance approach.

The clamp down, which will be reviewed in three months, follows an increase in violent crime linked to more people going out at night.

Superintendent Darrin Tomkins said: "We want people to come to Colchester and Clacton and enjoy a good safe night out, but there are still a small minority of people who spoil that for other people.

"Our officers will be out on patrol on foot and by car and if we catch anyone committing violence on our town centre streets we will seek prosecution where there is enough evidence.

"The street population increases when the sun is out, people stay out longer and, as a result, consume more alcohol. We’re not out to spoil people’s fun but we want to stop people getting seriously hurt in our towns.''