Police Investigated Over Martin Goldberg Death

19 December 2014, 15:10 | Updated: 19 December 2014, 16:12

The IPCC's told us what it's looking for, as it investigates Essex police over the death of Deputy Headteacher Martin Goldberg in September.

The Deputy Headteacher of Shoeburyness school Thorpe Hall, took his own life in September 

It was after he found out he was being investigated by police over allegations he'd downloaded child-porn, and took pictures of young boys at his school.

The Police Complaints body says its focusing on the following things :

- what actions officers took once Essex Police knew Mr Goldberg worked in a school
- the unsuccessful application for a search warrant
- the risk assessments made by officers before visiting Mr Goldberg's home
- why they did not arrest him at that time
- how quickly Essex Police processed information received from the National Crime Agency
- whether the investigation by Essex Police was conducted along national and force guidelines

While Essex Police received intelligence about Mr Goldberg in November 2013, it took them nearly a year to act on the information.