Safety Sessions For Kids In Essex

More schools are being encouraged to sign up to a scheme teaching youngsters about the dangers of electricity.

Last year, nearly 80 under 14s needed hospital treatment around the country after accidents involving substations and overhead power lines.

Barling Magnar Community Primary in Southend's the first in the county to take part in the free workshops run by UK Power Networks this year.

It involves teaching the children about warning signs and how electricity works.

Deputy Head Corina Garrick's told Heart: "We like to make the curriculum as real as possible for the children and hands on to help support the science curriculum as well as to keep them safe when they're playing out with their friends."

Sonya Keating, an education adviser at UK Power Networks, said: "Electricity is a vital part of our everyday lives when used safely but these workshops ensure that the children understand the potential consequences of fooling with electricity. The children really benefit from the visits and learn valuable safety lessons which will last them a lifetime."

For the first time, they have now expended the sessions to 5-7 year olds and 11-14 year olds as well as the 7-11 age group who've they've targeted for years.