Security At Basildon Station Increased

17 November 2011, 11:14 | Updated: 17 November 2011, 11:30

Security is being stepped up at Basildon Station after a campaign by the local MP.

It follows an incident involving John Baron MP during which a fare dodger was not apprehended by staff.

John wrote to Julian Drury, managing director of C2C, complaining about staff inaction.

Mr Drury confirmed that existing uniformed staff were neither authorised nor trained to restrain fare dodgers but C2C has now agreed that a stiffer deterrent on the gate line was required.

C2C is therefore introducing security agency staff who are trained to take a stronger enforcement line - these new staff will wear high visibility clothing marked ‘Security’.

C2C confirmed that this stronger approach has worked well at reducing ticketless travel at other stations including Grays and Tilbury Town.
John said: “I am pleased C2C has listened and put in stronger security at Basildon Station. The previous situation whereby staff could not apprehend fare dodgers was a nonsense. The introduction of security staff should improve matters - as they have done at Grays and Tilbury Town.”
“Fare dodgers are a scourge on our transport system. They push up fares for everyone else. We need to get tougher with criminals in this country.”