Southend: Man Dies After Dinghy Capsizes

One man has died and another has been taken to hospital after their dinghy capsized at sea near Southend.

The two men, aged 71 and 73, were rescued by Southend RNLI after Thames Coastguard received several phone calls from members of the public at 2:45pm on Monday. (17th December)

The rescue team discovered one man clinging to the boat 300 yards off the coast of Thorpe Bay (pictured), while the other had begun to drift away in the current.

It is unclear why the dinghy capsized.

Both men received medical attention on the shore for up to an hour.

The 73-year-old died at the scene, and the second man is understood to have been taken to hospital.

A spokesman for Thames Coastguard said that the two men may have been heading towards a boat on the mooring.

He said: "We cannot speculate on the cause of death at this time."