Thousands Of New School Places For Essex

1 November 2016, 06:18 | Updated: 1 November 2016, 06:20

More than 25,000 new school places will be needed across Essex over the next decade, according to a new strategy published by Essex County Council.

The council's ten year plan, Meeting the demand for school places in Essex 2016 - 2025, provides the background to school place planning in Essex and outlines the anticipated demand for places in each district, as well as listing likely solutions.

Projections currently show an extra 13,909 new primary school places and 12,270 new secondary school places will be needed across the county between now and 2025.

They include:
" 3,060 new places in Basildon (2,275 primary and 785 secondary)
" 832 places in Braintree (322 primary and 510 secondary)
" 970 places in Brentwood (840 primary and 130 secondary)
" 1,249 places in Castle Point (784 primary and 465 secondary)
" 2,954 places in Chelmsford (1,414 primary and 1,540 secondary)
" 5,156 places in Colchester (2,541 primary and 2,615 secondary)
" 1,421 places in Epping Forest (616 primary and 805 secondary)
" 3,424 places in Harlow(1,309 primary and 2,115 secondary)
" 277 places in Maldon (42 primary and 235 secondary)
" 1,073 places in Rochford (588 primary and 485 secondary)
" 2,746 places in Tendring (1,386 primary and 1,360 secondary)
" 3,017 places in Uttlesford (1,792 primary and 1,225 secondary)

As well as identifying the predicted demand for school places, the ten year plan also reveals the projects Essex County Council already has planned and other potential future options to meet the growing needs of the county.

The council spent £36million on creating 2,415 new school places across Essex for the 2016/17 academic year and plans to create thousands more over the coming years.

In addition to its own projects, the council also continues to support the submission of free school applications to help meet demand.

Cllr Ray Gooding, Essex County Council's Cabinet Member for Education and Lifelong Learning, said: "Essex is a rapidly growing county and we recognise the challenge facing us in ensuring that more than 25,000 new school places are created over the next decade to meet the rising demand.

"Our fantastic track record of investment in new school places to date has meant we have been able to offer the vast majority of pupils a place at one of their parents' top preferences.

"We remain committed to ensuring Essex has the infrastructure it needs to grow and will continue to work closely with our partners, including schools, district/borough councils and housing providers, to assess and meet future demand."

This is the first time the council's ten year plan has been publicly released.

It is a rolling document and will be updated regularly as projections change.

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