Two Thirds Support Dale Farm Eviction

28 September 2011, 16:09 | Updated: 28 September 2011, 16:13

A new survey has revealed two thirds of the British public support the eviction of travellers living illegally at Dale Farm.

Basildon Council is attempting to clear 51 illegal plots from the site on which around 400 travellers currently live.

More than two thirds (66%) of the British public feel the council is right to try and evict the travellers from the Dale Farm site.

17% disagree and feel the council is wrong to do so (with 17% saying they don’t know).

Older people are more likely to support the eviction, with 74% of those over 60 agreeing compared to 59% of those aged 18-24.

Conservative supporters are the most likely to support eviction, with 82% thinking the council is right compared to 66% of Liberal Democrat supporters.