The £1000 Minute

Like the sound of winning £1000 for just 60 seconds work? Get ready to play Heart Breakfast's £1000 Minute.

Play the £1000 Minute on Heart Breakfast and you could be a grand richer - quicker than the time it takes for the average toaster to do its thing. For each question you get right, you'll win £10. But get all ten correct and you'll win a grand!

This morning Hayley from Colchester won £40 answering Su's questions. How much would you have won?


The Peacock family feature in which TV show? Coronation Street

How many stars make up Orion's Belt? 3

Who is most likely to be described as a Thespian? Actor

Russia has Coastline on how many oceans? 2

Which animal appears on the National flag of Sri Lanka? Lion

How many members are there in the girlband The Saturdays? 5

In Eastenders, Heather works where? The Launderette

Which dip is made from yogurt, cucumber and mint? Tzatziki

Who dueted with Luther Van Dross on the single 'The Best Things in Life are Free'? Janet Jackson

Which celebrity has a perfume called 'True Star'? Beyonce



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