Andy Murray Socks?

On Wednesday's Heart Breakfast we want to know, after some of the residents of Buckingham Palace have said they don't like the Queen's corgis, are you living with a pet that not everyone in the house likes?

On Tuesday, after Andy Murray's historic US Open success, Martin and Su wanted to know what product he could become famous for - you'll remember that Fred Perry also became well known for his clothing line. So, we wanted to know, what could Andy Murray now release and become well known for? Martin thinks, because Andy isn't the most excitable character, that he could maybe have his own brand of socks! Here's some ideas that you suggested:

Shane in Benfleet - Anoraks as they are as equally exciting. 

Paul in Chelmsford - Andy Murray could put his name to a new confectionery, possibly a hard mint..... Then again andy mint doesn't sound right!

Deb in Rayleigh - Hats, then he could cover up that horrible haircut he's got.

Rob in Stanford-le-hope - Andy Murray lemons??? Extra suckable?

Colin, from Chelmsford, also had a great suggestion for Andy Murray:


We can't help but think that you weren't taking that seriously! Anyway, let's hope he keeps following in Fred Perry's footsteps and wins Wimbledon next!