Is It A Big Deal?

On Thursday's Heart Breakfast Martin and Su found out that Helena Bonham Carter and her long term partner Tim Burton have finally moved in together!

They have children together and are well known for living separately but next door to each other. However, they have taken the big step and are no in the one house! Helena said "It's going surprisingly OK. There's a lot to be said for being in shouting distance. And it's cosy. The kids love it." 

Both Martin and Su thought it was a bit odd and that surely this isn't a regular occurrence. But Gemma from Stansted called to prove them wrong...

Gemma from Stansted

Wow! It seems like it does work and now Martin might just try and suggest it to his wife - haha!

On Friday's Heart Breakfast it's World Bond Day! We'll be talking everything James Bond - we'll be playing the brand new Adele 'Skyfall' song, playing a special James Bond £1000 minute and we'll be creating our own Bond names!