Martin and Su's School Report

With it being the end of the school year Martin and Su asked you to write a line for their very own Heart Breakfast School Report.

We asked to to write a line of how you think their 'school year' has been. 

Here for you to read is 'Martin and Su's report (If you want to add anything to Martin and Su's report just comment below.)

Mr Phil, Shoebury  Could Do Better.
Mr Dan, Witham Martin does outstanding work but is the clown of the class.
Miss Jo, Chelmsford  Su Harrison lacks concentration and is always laughing.
Miss Claire, Laindon Martin has a tendency to make everyone laugh.
Miss Whitney Martin and Su work well together in small groups but are very talkative in class.
Mr Mark, Braintree Martin and Su are bright and bubbly. They help to make even the gloomiest of days feel good.
Mr Sunny, Chalkwell  Martin must stop eating in class. Su should laugh a bit quieter so the others can sleep.
P.E Teacher If Su showed as much enthusiasm in this subject as she does at the bakers in the morning she would excel. Grade G for Greedy
Miss Julie, Harlow  Su would do better if she laughed less. Martin still sarcastic as ever.
Miss Sheri, Canvey  If Harrison and Day don't stop being childish they will have to be separated.
Mr Dean, Billericay  Both are able to construct and put across an argument.
Miss Jane, Maldon  Su cackles too much.
Miss Emma, Basildon  Martin is top of the class.
Mr David, Brentwood  Martin is an over thinker with a passion for ladies. Su can be argumentative.
Deputy Head
Miss Jo, Wickford 
Martin is very opinionated and always believes he knows best. If there is a quicker way to cut corners on his work he will find it.

Su is a good girl who is always trying to help others out by convincing others what she does is right.

Overall they are a lovely pair and they are very entertaining.

Also, take a look at the pictures below to see how Su spent the last day of the summer term.