Su's Subconscious Habit

On Thursday's Heart Breakfast Martin and Alex received some video footage from Su's boyfriend of her doing what he called her 'Wee Dance'.

What they worked out is that it is actually her 'Need a Wee Dance' and she's doing exactly what it says. When she needs to go to the toilet but she is busy doing something she will do a little 'jig'. So this morning we wanted to know what things you do without knowing it. Alex admitted to sticking his tongue out when he is concentrating and here are some of the things you said:

Hannah - I move my legs constantly when I'm nervous and bite my pen when I'm concentrating.

Leanne in Colchetser - When my son was a baby and when feeding him I would open my mouth at the same time as he did.

Tracy in South Woodham - According to my husband i get 'embarrassed legs'. When I get embarrassed I knock my knees together really quickly. Never realised I did it until he pointed it out.

Keep an eye out for what your friends/partner does. I bet you spot something.

And here is the video of Su's 'Need A Wee Dance' for you. Enjoy: