Sport Award

Maldon's Blackwater Judo Club instructoe John Pegram is the winner of this ward.

This is what we were told about John:

"John started Blackwater Judo Club Maldon in February 2000 and it now has 150 members ranging from 6yrs to 63 yrs old.

John gives up every Thursday night and Saturday morning to teach judo and the only time the club closes is Christmas (if he had his way he would open). John gets nothing from the club as he does it voluntarily and all money is paid back into the club to pay for jackets for coaches and squad team, new mats, adult children and family christmas party, summer bbq and subsidise all competitions.

Every year John organises a competition where all money raised goes to charity. In the past, these have included Essex Air Ambulance, Farleighs Hospice, Little Haven Children’s Hospice and several others.  He also arranges displays for local school fetes. 

John's motto is Judo is for everyone and anyone and in the club there are children and adults with asthma, aspergers syndrom, adhd, hole in heart, angina, no confidence, learning difficulties and people who have been bullied. As far as john is concern on the Judo mat everyone is equal and treated the same.

John has also organized a couple of Judo sessions for the Plume School for students that have behaviour problems. He is always willing to do anything for the community.

He has trained at least 6 juniors from white belt to junior black belt and 11 adults from white belt to 1st and black belt, including 1 that got his junior black belt and then went on to get his adult black belt.

He has the complete respect and loyalty from every one of his members, espcially the small ones who look up to him. Every year he walks with the club in the Maldon summer and winter carnival.

He is a true inspiration to everyone, not only teaching Judo but also how to respect and help others, the community and those less fortunate than you. He teaches you that on the mat no one is better than anyone else and that nothing is impossible if you really want it."

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