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PACT Harlow (Parents of Autistic Children Together) are a group of mums all with autistic children of varying degrees.

The team including Sharon Holland, Rowen Saunders, Sam Fancett, Wendy Merry and Mandy Wood set up this group about 5 years ago to offer advice, information and support to other families with children who have autism.

This is what we were told about them:

"As if there day to day life isn’t hard enough with their own autistic children to take care of and the work to do, they also run monthly support groups in which they organise guest speakers to offer advice and organise activities for autistic children each weekend in the holidays. These mums do this all off their own back to help others.

I myself have two autistic children and I know that without the help and support from PACT Harlow I would be lost.

There is a lot of things you don’t get told when your child is diagnosed and you get bombarded with leaflets and then sent home with no where to turn. PACT Harlow offered that advice and support and helped me come to terms with the diagnoses."

If you want more information visit their website here.

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