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I took part in race for life this year,as my sister Karen was diagnosed with bowel cancer earlier this year 2012. I completed the course in 1hr20mins,my closest friends joined me & our group name was sister act. Originally I was going to run,but ended up walking due to being 7mths pregnant. It was very emotional,but well worth doing. Well done to everyone who took part in such a great charity. X x Claire

I am running Race For Life this year because I want my  mom's cancer to have a cure. It means a lot to me and the whole family as we have all been affected  and touched by the disease. Gemma, age 6

Me and my sister Kara ran race for life today at Himley Hall in memory of our nan Dorothy Skeldon who lost her battle to ovarian cancer november 2010 she was an inspiration and from when she got diagnosed in january 2009 she wouldnt let her illness get her down. I know she was with us today and miss her so much. We also ran for our grandad Roy Skeldon who is now in remission from non hodgkins lymphoma. My grandparents have always ment the world to us and i will me registering for next year. LovexxxKeeley

I raced for life Dad who died from stomach cancer. Joanne

For mums cure and in memory of my father-in-law. Michelle

I am running this year in Stevenage for my best friend Tracy who has been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. And to raise awareness of symptoms and to encourage GPs etc. to listen to our symptoms and take them more seriously. Laura

In my family myself and some other members suffer form a genetic mutation in our genes which increases our chances of getting cancer by 80%.I ran the Race for Life for the members of my family that have this and couldnt run and also for my grandad,nana and aunty who have already sadly passed away beacause of it. Much love to all the women that joined in and to all the people that have managed to escape the clutches of this horrible illness. Alice

well done to every one that did race for life it was greast fun x Diana

I lost my Dad 3 yrs ago after only 3 weeks from diagnosis , also I've lost my maternal Grandparents , my husbands Dad , a close friend , my best friends Dad and my Uncle has just been diagnosed. I race for them and a cure. ONE DAY WE WILL BEAT IT. Terri

I did my Race for Life because I have lost friends and family to this and my wonderful uncle Phil at time was suffering from it, but now in remission. Wahooooo. Maria

I ran for my nan and mum who cancer has sadly touched. nan lost her battle but mum has won three times. Go Mum! The emotion which was felt during the minute's silence during the pre-run warm up was awe inspiring. Looking forward to next year. Lucy

I ran race for life for my grandpa, although he has been taken away from me he raced along side me. I wouldn't give up because I know the more people involved the better the outcome will be. Rosie

I am running this year as i have a few people in my family who have/are suffering cancer. My main reason i am running is for my great aunt who is 92 with cancer and wanted to do something to help all those who are battling cancer. Robyn

My brave mum is currently battling with terminal ovarian cancer, that was diagnosed October 2011. All doctors, surgeons and nurses have been fantastic and we wanted to give something back to Cancer research so it may help another family one day eradicate this awful disease, so.... "Momma Bear's Cub's (myself, sister, niece & friend) entered Race for Life. Our family has been devastated since the news of Moms Ovarian Cancer and today at the race I was overwhelmed with the realisation of just how many people have been affected by this horrendous disease. Walking side by side with hundreds of strangers united by the same cause, I realized how lucky I am to have such a strong & incredible family an amazing friends! Our Total raised is       * £837.00 * People have touched us deeply with their generosity, compassion & love. Their money is already helping to save lives and I hope its the start of someday finding the cure and ending the pain!.        I would like to say THANK YOU to a woman who will never know how special she is, who will never see the strength in her bravery, a woman who has always been there and has somehow found the energy to be the teacher, cook, nurse & counselor. I haven't always realized how fortunate I am to have you but today I walked in your footsteps and felt pride.

I ran the race for life in St Albans last weekend, raised £100 and will be doing it every year now as a great and worthy cause...keep up the good work HEART FM..Julie

I'm running Race for Life 2012 in aid of my Nan that died of it several years ago. But to raise money for others out there that have cancer, I would like to help. Sheree

I entered the race for life this year to help raise money for research, my mother died 2 July 2011 from a brain tumour survived 12 weeks from diagnosis, My mother in law had limfo cancer and died 6 april 2012 after 3 years of treatment, best mate breast cancer. the date for this years race for life was the same date as my mothers funeral last year and have joined up again for next year as this will always be in my heart. Dawn

i did my race for life with my family in memory of my big sis debs who we lost to brain cancer we miss her everyday xx Maureen

I'm doing Race for Life this year in aid of my dad Pete Miller, back in February 06 i suffered a brain hemorrhage, which left me with many problems one being walking, and not being able to do it. I have been practising, and really wanted to do this.
I might have finished last but i walked every step of it. i couldn't have done it without 3 special people, James Bateman, Vicky Durrant and Lucy Miles, thank you to 3 very kind and amazing people. Tara

I'm doing the race for life to help raise money to beat this awful disease ! i was diagnosed with breast cancer at 36 i"m 38 now and fingers crossed i seem to be over the worst . 3 more years to go before i get the all clear !!!!! Sarah

I ran for Race for life this year after having an ocular melanoma earlier this year...this a very rare cancer and I wanted to raise awareness by talking about why I was running. Lucy

This is my 9th year of taking part in Race for Life.  I always join in with my sister and my youngest daughter in memory of my mum who died in 1993 and my dad who died in 2009.  Will be back against next year. Jane

for my mother in law who died of brain lung and bone cancer 17/10/2010. Ann

I will be walking in Worthing in memory of my son Ross who lost his battle with leukaemia at the age of 26, I will be with my friend Roisin who lost her daughter Charlotte only 19 years old, also to this same rotten disease. We miss them every hour of every day and hope maybe, there could one day, be a cure ?
Only the good die young ......Elaine

this year I am running the race for life because two members within my family have been struck by this terrible illness and I would like to help support those that are battling this terrible disease. My Aunty is a very brave lady and was diagnosed with lung cancer approximately 5months ago and unfortunately chemotherapy has now been stopped as it was giving her infections and the cancer is now terminal she is a very brave and strong lady who didnt deserve this like all other people that find they have cancer and running race for life and raising money could help save people in my aunties situation. Also my mums cousins was diagnosed with breast cancer and has been battling it for nearly a yr now she is a very healthy person who was struck with this terrible illness out of the blue. We can never tell what life holds for us or our family in the future and charities like cancer research save many peoples lives and with our help could save a lot more.Katie

I did Race for Life in Regent's Park today in memory of my mum, Win Hawes, who passed away from cancer in 1996. Mandy

I am a Cancer patient having recovered from Breast Cancer now have secondary Brain Tumour.  I am running the Race for Life as I want to raise as much money as possible for the much needed research to try to cure this terrible disease.
I wish to thank all my colleagues at Essex County Council for running the Race with me and for all their support.
Heart FM for interviewing me and Colchester United Football Club for supporting me and for all the wonderful sponsors who have helped me raise alot of money.Wendy

Did race for life yesterday.  Great event and brilliant cause.  Well done for such a well organised event and well don for Michelle keeping us spurred on.  Thank u and here's for 2013 x Melanie

I ran the race for life for my mums parents who died of cancer before I could meet them. I am also running for everyone battling with cancer and I am running to let them know that they should never give up.Sophie

I ran this with my friend grace Rundle thank you grace for doing it with me.
I ran the race for my mother Tessa who has beaten cancer 4 times and my best friends husband Vince powell who after 4 years of fighting died from it. Please let there be a cure soooooon.Carole

I took part in the Race4Life this year for my Nan and Grandad Knight who both died of cancer.They are missed everyday and were the BEST people EVER.....I,Claire Knight took part with a work friend from springbank primary academy,Carla Lewis. Claire

Water Orton Sugartits have raised nearly £2500 for cancer research woooo hoooo. Please give us a mention xx Stephanie

I did this as i have been diagnosed twice and still have 4 years till i get the all clear and my dad who died 30 yrs ago of cancer. Tania

I do Race for Life, because 10 years ago we lost my husbands dad, Tony at 58, then 2 years ago I lost my lovely Mum, Kath at 68. We have also lost Gary, Dennis, Terry, Gloria, Sandra.
Cancer needs a cure, and with help and money hopefully they can find one. I don't want people to go theough what we have been through, as its truly heartbreaking, my Mum was my world, along with my boys! x Nicola

Girls from my school Bexleyheath Academy ran the race for life this year in support of anyone who is fighting or lost the fight to Cancer , we also took part for our teachers mum who is suffering from Cancer... we wanted to make her, our family & friends proud x Megan

i ran race for life for my nan who sadly passed away with lung cancer when i was younger, i was to young to help then but now i will do as much as i can to help raise money and awareness. cancer has efforted so many peoples lifes in so  many ways, doing this race was my way of helping the people who suffer smile for at least one more day. Kaylea

We are walking on Sunday in memory of my Nana who died from cancer.  But my daughter Jasmine race number 10099 has been seriously ill with pneumonia but still wants to do the race so we will be walking it and hoping that Jasmine can finish.Gina

This year my friend Millie and I (plus I also roped my mum Sarah into) wanted to do something different, so we decided to run the race for life. We are running because we have both lost ours nans due to cancer, in fact I never got to see mine! I also lost my friend Niamh about 12 months ago to cancer. So we felt by running the race for life we could help support others who contract this devastating disease. Erica

I have lost 2 Uncle's this year to Cancer and a very good friend's Dad has just died of Cancer too !! I  celebrate the life of my Mother who was diagnosed with Cancer 16 years ago and has survived and is still a survivor of this horrific disease, please support anyone who runs this Sunday and any other Cancer Research fundraising events. Anne

My daughter Leanne and myself are running the race for life for family members we lost and to help others get the treatment they need and to give them a little more time to have treatment and to spend with there families. Paula

I'm running the race for life because i lost my dad on the 29th april 2012 to cancer.xx Sarah

i ran for those we have lost and for those that continue to fight! always hope xx Carol

I'm running this year in memory of my Grandad who sadly lost his battle in 2008! Anna

my daughter and I decided to take part for the first time this year on the Hoe in memory of  family and friends who we dearly miss and think of everyday...and to granny!! our brilliant brave granny who is fighting cancer for the second time... raising money for such a great cause!! is so close to our hearts!!! Adele

I am running the race for life for the fourth year running. I am running it because i lost my wonderful granddad to cancer in 2005. I also lost my amazing auntie Coggy to cancer in 2009. Love u Granddad and coggy. Ellie

Today we ran the Race for Life for Nanny, Gran, Mum B, Jenny and for our Auntie Jeannette, who is bravely fighting cancer at the moment. We ran for all those who have sadly lost their lives to this awful disease and for those who have fought cancer and won. Such an amazing experience, so glad we did it! We shall be returning next year!xx Danielle, Sue and Liz

I lost my best friend Chloe last year to cancer, she fought it for 1 year and sadly lost her life. i am running to make her proud of me and my friends. She was a wonderful girl and everyone loved her. Miss you soooo much chlo and i will never forget you xxxx Love Charlotte

My Nans Sister Has Been Told Recently She's Got Cancer, There's Nothing They Could Do About It. My Best Friend's Granddad Passed Away From Cancer. That's Why I'm Running Race For Life, It's For All The Families Out There With A Loved One Who Has Cancer.Stay Strong. Huma

I ran the 5km Race for life today for my nan who has survived breast cancer and still livin it up 12 years on, For my auntie who too has survived breast cancer, myself who had a severe case of pre-cancerous cervical cells and was found and treated before it developed, and for close friends who have had or currently have a form of cancer. Running this race I thought of you all. Such an amazing cause! Let's keep giving!xx Louise

I'm running race for life this year because in the last 12 months my brother and my dad was diagnosed with cancers 3 months apart and i'm running for them. Hayley

Well done abby and molly from robert mays secondary school who are doing it as a dinosaur and a cow. Gill

I took part in the race for life in memory of my Mum Cherrille Feeney who we sadly lost on 25/10/2011 to Lung Cancer, she was and still is the most inspirational person and although she was taken away to young I am lucky to have had her for the 24 years I did. Love and miss her everyday xxx Danielle

For my mum who has widespread bone cancer, after recovering from breast cancer.Maria

i done race for life this year as my nan survived breat cancer 8 years ago and was in remission for 5 years then they found cancer again and now they cant help her. Just making her proud! Chelsea

For my wonderful courageous dad Alexander Forrest agede 66yrs who sadly lost his 3yr fight against Prostate cancer on 23rd February this year. Today is Fathers day and the day to tell him wherever he may be that his wife, children and grandchildren miss and love him dearly xxxxxxxx Nicola

Heyy I did the 5K race for life today and it was amazing! I jogged and ran all the way with the help of my girls: Jodi, Cerys,Lauren.R, Lauren.C, Amy and Lucie. Our group name is: 'The Pink Ladies'. Today we ran for a cure, everyone but mainly my mom Jane! We all love her and we know she is going to get better. So keep donating and we can all beat cancer! xxxxElla

I will be running with the ladies in my Family for my Aunt Debbie who lost her life to Lung Cancer this May. Debbie was an inspiring lady, and she was a regular Race for Life Runner.My mum Nicolia misses her sister very much so we are doing this for Debbie. Our team is called Deb's Dashers, members are myself (Natasha) Nicolia, Melissa, Joanne, Samantha, and Annabelle. Natasha

I ran Race for Life in Hatfield this year in memory of my dad who i lost to cancer in November. I raised a amazing £731 for Cancer Research :) well done to all taking part xEmma

I’m running in memory of my Mum Patricia Chater who died last year. Myself and two of my besties are running the Northampton 10k…. when I say run it will be more of a walk!!!!! Helen

In memory of my amazing Mom, on her birthday! Xx Hayley

I am running for my Darling Soul Mate Bobby who I lost to Bowel Cancer at the tender age of thirty late last year... you will always be in heart and soul and I miss you more every second of everyday... let us race for life... let us find a cure xxx Flick

I ran Race for Life today(10th June) in memory of my beautiful Grandma who passed away in January of this year of Breast and Bone Cancer. Family friends; Rosalind,Rosie,Jill, Emma and myself were part of a group called Maggies Sunflowers. We miss you everyday xxxx Sophia

I ran the Race for Life today at Rhyl in memory of my Dad Jack Ellis who we lost to cancer 11 years ago, also my Uncle Dave, Aunty Edith, Elaine, Karen and all the other people who have lost their lives or fighting to save theirs xxxx Susan

I ran race for life for my amazing grandad and beautiful esme. I love and miss them lots.Beth

 For a cure for everyone <3 For Grandad - 08/06/07 For Nan Gillham <3 Everyone Fighting. Rebecca

i am running for my friends nan she passed away a few months ago and it was a very sad time for them.Also im racing for a family friend which is fighting cancer now and everyone that is fighting or has survived or has passed away because it cancer. keep fighting! r.i.p and i feel for all of you that has to suffer this tragic thing. fight cancer. Emily

I just ran the 5k in Swindon today for my Great Grandad (R.I.P) and my Grandad who has just been diagnosed with cancer... I raised over £100 on my own! Harriet

My daughter Cerys and I are taking part in race for life  Sunday 10 June at Lydiard park.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer in feb 2008, I lost my mum to cancer in July 2008 unexpectedly.  Good luck to everyone who is taking part in this event.  As we all know it's for a very good cause.  Xx Lynda

In Loving Memory of Maddie Barnikel 16/01/1961-27/07/2011  I am running the 5K on the 15 July in memory of a dear friend that was taken away from us far too early. She was a great mum, wife, daughter and friend. She is missed dearly by all.
We love u Maddie R.I.P xxx Sue

 I am  running Race for Life with my sisters and nieces in memory of my dad who passed away with lung cancer last year.Emma

For grandad Waller, for mum,  for Rhys.  For all those past & present.  To turn dreams in to reality. To find that cure. Maria

I Ran The Race For Life 5k In 34:04 Min! On The 27th May For In Loving Memory Of My Lovely Mom Who Passed Away 28/05/2010 Thank You For Making It A Magical Day And Well Done To EveryBody Who Took Part And Sponsored... Abby x

I lost my Mother in law last year and my Mum in 1996 both to Cancer. and after loosing 6 stone I felt I had the confidence and was able to complete my first Race for life & my Daughter Sammie joined me for her first one too. We really enjoyed the atmosphere and the emotion of the day. It is such a worth while cause and we will be doing this every year now.Ronnie

im fighting this disease and racing to raise money for a cure and in memory of the lovely sue overy  xxxx Michelle

My loving husband passed away on 3rd may 2012 from renal cancer at the age of 52 he was  diagnosed in december 2011 his name is alan jones. Heather

I'm a 13 years old girl and I'm from North Wales. Me and my 9 year old sister Elin Lane ran the Race for Life today in loving memory of my amazing Mum, who sadly passed away 7 weeks ago. Even though no treatment helped her during her long 7 years of fighting Brain Tumor, me and my sister wanted to raise money to help find a cure so people don't have to go through the pain we've been going through as a family-especially the pain my Mum went through. She took part in the Race for Life every year, until she was too ill. She would still be raising money for Cancer Research if she was still here, so I know she'd want us to take part and raise money to such a good cause. I hope a cure will be found soon as so many loved people are taken by this horrible illness. Anest

I ran the race for life for my grandad who died 10 months ago from cancer, love and miss you so much xx Kayleigh

Emma's Angels. I did the Race for Life in my Wheelchair (5k) at the Norfolk Showground on Saturday 19th May 2012 for my friend Emma and my late Nan Sandie. I did it in my wheelchair as I have Cerebral Palsy and find it hard to walk any distant. It was a great day for everyone. Beth

We are running, walking , supporting race for life this year in memory of our friend and colleague  Sandra Jeffels . We miss you , and remember you fondly xx Sandra s Angels  St Williams Primary School Norwich. Linda

I lost my dad 10 years ago to cancer, such a special man who I miss dearly. I am also running for my mother-in-law Margaret a lovely special person who I also love dearly is just getting over breast cancer. So im running to raise money to help beat cancer. Donna

I am running for my dad who died last year 3 days before his 44th anniversary .the day i am doing the race it would of been his 72nd birthday plus it is fathers day . just saying r.i.p dad Dawn

I'm walking Race for Life because I want to help raise money for research. Best of luck to all who are taking part.  See you at The Bowl on Saturday! Barbara

I am running for my Nanny 2 who had severe breast cancer and has to have her breast amputated. She miracously beat it and is now as fit as a fiddle!! Ellie

i lost my dad seven years ago from bowl cancer and this year i lost my auntie this will be the second time i have raced for life the emotions are huge i know i will cry at the end,it still feels like yesterday. Nicole

I am running the race for life this year coz sum peps in my family have cancer an have had cancer! 1 day we wil beat it if every1 joins in an takes part me an my friends r makin a fun day of it 2 an dressing up :) I have sponcer page on just givin so people who r thinking of doin it set up a just givin page 2! Debbie

I am running for life for all the people who have been affected by cancer, to all the survivors, our lost loved ones and their families. Together we can beat cancer, lets raise the money to beat this awful illness. Miss you nanny and grandad. x Samantha

I had a mastectomy last year, my mother-in-law didnt make it. I'm waiting to have the other one of[preventative.] I refuse to put myself & family through another 4 years of worry, where im called back 3 times after a routine mammogram :)xxx Amanda

I am running the race for life because my husband died of cancer and i would like to do this. Leeanne

I March for life with an all female marching band. We play our way around the course. I first started to support two friends who lost their dad. Now I race for my own mum who died of cancer, and my dad and I who are both going through treatment for cancer. Our band are a fantastic group of girls and have raised over £25k. Come on everyone, Race for Life, you never know when this disease is going to affect you. My cancer was found from a fluke mozzie bite!! Anita

I'm doing it for my nan and uncle as they both died from cancer. Emma

Because I was diagnosed with kidney cancer last year and my mum also had it so I want to raise money to find a cure for all cancers for everybody. Lisa

I am doing Race for Life this year mainly in memory of my Grandad Frank but also for everyone I  know who has died, who is fighting and who has survived cancer! Kate

I want to do a race for life to raise money for cancer. Mainly marie curie cancer care because my grandad died from cancer all over his insides last year. I want to help find a cure so that no one has to go through what my grandad and his family had to go through.Lizzie

As a nurse I have seen the battle, courage and strength people have and their families. I have been a part of caring and supporting people and on a personal level people close to me who have been affected by cancer. I want to help xAmy

I'm running for race for life because sadly 2 years ago we lost the most high spirited man in our family. His words to his family members were 'this illness will not beat me' and he fought for three years, making his dreams come true. When Norman sadly died our family were torn to pieces but Norman has tought me to live life whilst u have it. R.i.p uncle norman your still in our hearts and will always be a inspiration to all of us x Taila

I am running Race for Life this year in memory of my Nan who lost her battle with Cancer 14 years ago and my Husbands Nan who also lost her battle against Cancer...!!! Sara

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on january 16th,my sons birthday..I am on chemo now,followed by surgery and then radiotherapy..I,m doing this for every single one of us...Lorraine

I am doing Race For Life in memory of my loving dad it will be extra special as it falls on Father's Day. I miss him each and every single day as he was SIMPLY THE BEST DAD that i could of ever wished for. Love you always Dad x x x Tracey

My nan died a week after being diagonsed with breast cancer. My fiances nan died of lung cancer. My friends husband died of lung cancer. These people wont be able to share my wedding day in 4 months time so i'm doing something to remember them by. How many more people before their is a cure. Lisa

Running for our nan that we lost last year and i hope to raise more then last year for cancer research. Sarah