1600 Devon girls miss out on HPV vaccine

16 HUNDRED 18-19 year old women have missed out on protecting themselves against cervical cancer in Devon.

But for whatever reason they didn't manage to get the HPV vaccine the first time round at school or college.

13 clinics have been set up across Devon to make sure that now they can.

The "Human Papilloma Virus" (HPV) vaccine can protect girls against cervical cancer.

The course of HPV vaccine consists of three injections given over a six-month period and all three doses must be given to provide protection.

The immunisation is normally given at school or college, but these community clinics are being set up specifically to provide a place for older girls who missed out on it then, to come in independently and have the course.

They must however, start the course before 31st August 2010 in order to get it on the NHS.

Clinic Dates and Times:

Exeter (Franklyn House) - Saturday 17th July (5pm-7pm) / Saturday 14th August (10am-7pm)

Newton Abbot hospital - Monday 19th July (5pm-7pm) / Monday 16th August (5pm-7pm)

Honiton hospital - Wednesday 21st July (5pm-7pm) / Wednesday 18th August (5pm-7pm)

Barnstaple Health Centre - Thursday 22nd July (5pm-7pm) / Thursday 19th August (5pm-7pm)

Tiverton hospital - Monday 26th July (5pm-7pm) / Monday 23rd August (5pm-7pm) 

Tavistock hospital - Friday 23rd July (5pm-7pm) / Friday 20th August (5pm-7pm)

Ivybridge - South Dartmoor Leisure Centre - Thursday 29th July (5pm-7pm) / Thursday 26th August (5pm-7pm)

Okehampton hospital - Wednesday 28th July (5:15pm-7:15pm) / Wednesday 25th August (5:15pm-7:15pm)

Please note - all clinics are by appointment only - call NHS Devon's immunisation team on 01392 208469 to make an appointment or for advice.