Almost Half of Fires Deliberate

In 2008-09 46% of fires dealt with by Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service were deliberate.

6,467 were recorded for the year here - 2,974 were classed as deliberate.

Arson Reduction Manager George Setter has told Heart most of them were rubbish fires "whilst there is a thought that you may get the careless discarding of a cigarette, it is unlikely and sadly the reality is that yes, a lot of fires are started deliberately".

He continued, "these low level fires cost communities, cost us a great deal in attending them and trying to investigate the cause and then targeting out activites in appropriate places".

It's believed many fires that take place aren't recorded as people put them out themselves. We are being called on to let the fire service know when and where they happen so it can build up a map of the problem and use it to track down those responsible, as well as educate local communities.

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