Bikes Going Walk-Abouts in Exeter

Police in Exeter are sitting on thousands of pounds worth of bikes which can never be reunited with their owners..

A staggering £95,000 worth of cycles have been reported stolen in the past seven months.

But, at the same time, hundreds have been recovered but because owners haven't kept serial numbers or pictures of their bikes, they can never be identified and returned.

Sgt Bev Weston says there are three things owners need to do to stop their bike being stolen in the first place.


Police advice us to buy a bike only from someone you trust and never buy a bike that is without a serial number. 

The most common time for a bike offence is overnight and most are taken from rear gardens, sheds or garages. 

When unattended, bikes should be securely locked, stored in a safe, high footfall area and if possible, where CCTV is present. 

Bikes can be registered online at BikeRegister was created by cycle enthusiasts who wanted to do something positive to help prevent bike thefts and reduce cycle crime. 

If you have had a bike stolen recently, please telephone Exeter Police on Tel 101, referencing the bike serial number and any identifiable marks. 

If anyone is seen tampering with a bike, please report this immediately to your local police team Tel: 101. Information can be passed on anonymously to Crimestoppers Tel: 0800 555 111.