Bulk Buying To Get Cheaper Heating Oil

Domestic fuel costs can be one of the largest items of household expenditure, but for those who need heating oil, they also have an unregulated industry to deal with. 

Add to the initial cost extra charges for small orders or needing a small tanker to deliver to you because of narrow lanes and price can escalate. Here in Devon more than half of Parishes three-quarters of households do not have mains gas supply and this is where Devon Oil Collective can help. 

They buy in bulk placing an order once a month and negotiates lower prices for heating oil making significant savings. 

Since launching in February the 200 members currently signed up to the scheme have saved in the region of £7,500, that's an average of 5p per litre and £50 for every 1000 litres ordered. 

LISTEN HERE: Enterprise Manager Community Council of Devon Dawn Eckhart

Membership to the scheme is from as little as £24 per year. 

For more information call 01392 248 919, email: oilscheme@devonrcc.org.uk or visit www.devonrcc.org.uk