Check Your Fire Alarm

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service are writing to home owners who have had a Fire Angel ST-620 model smoke alarm installed. 

There have been five minor fire incidents involving this model of smoke detector in London, Dorset and Cambridgeshire. 

In each case extensive forensic research took place and in each incident it was clear that the smoke detector had been subjected to physical damage and was not attached to the ceiling. 

This resulted in a level of disruption to the internal components, which in turn resulted in a direct short of the battery and created a thermal runaway within the battery. 

Community Safety and Risk Reduction Manager Phil Martin stressed that the Service was taking precautions to ensure the homes we have supplied with this alarm are fitted correctly.  

He said: "We have looked into the problem with the supplier and the five incidents occurred with the ST-620 model which were manufactured before 14 April 2011. 

"There is a very small chance that should this particular model of alarm fall from the ceiling or is dropped or damaged in any other way, it could cause a short circuit which could cause overheating. 

"Public safety is always of paramount importance to us, which is why we are writing to those homes that we have a record of having the ST-620 model installed. 

"If we believe they are at risk, we will carry out a home safety visit to assess the situation." 

The letter asks the home owner to check the alarm, confirm to us its condition (is it damaged or undamaged) and in cases where the occupant is unable to check the alarm, we will ask them to contact us so we can arrange a visit to check its condition. 

This only applies to homes that have had one of these smoke alarms fitted by the Service.  

The letters will be sent out next week throughout Devon.