County Show Traffic Will Be Better

We're being promised getting stuck in miles of gridlocked traffic will not be the case for this year's Devon County Show.

Thousands of us last year were stuck in traffic jams around the Westpoint show ground, but Devon County Show organisers say this year will not see a repeat.

They reckon the massive tail backs last year were down to bank holiday and half-term traffic plus the show traffic.

This year however, the event is before the holidays and we are being assured lessons have been learnt.

A new traffic management programme has been developed, and there is an additional 1400-capacity car park too.

Click here to listen to Show Secretary Ollie Allen talking to us about this year's show. 

It is hoped that the forthcoming show (20th/21st/22nd May) will match the popularity of last year though, with a total of 91,000 visitors coming through the gates this time last year. 

In fact, it is thought this year's Devon County Show will be boosted by more of us being at home not just because money's tight but we have been put off travelling further by things like the volcanic ash cloud crisis recently.

The show itself is just as big as last year with nearly 30 football pitches worth of stands, plus those of exhibitors who bring their own marquees.

There's still going to be all the traditional elements to the show, but this year there's also brand new attractions such as the Fun 4 Kids avenue, and a lifestyle marquee with fashion shows, extended band stand programme on the Thursday and so on.

Click here to listen to Glen King who has co-ordinated the new lifestyle marquee.

Click here to listen to Tony Collins talk about Exmouth Town's unique stand.


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