Crime Drops in Devon But Fear Rises

Devon is the fourth safest area in England and Wales with crime at it's lowest level in years - yet the fear of crime here is still high.

Buglary and vehicle crime are both down and 18 thousand less of us have become victims over the past 17 years.

Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police Stephen Otter says they now have to focus on what people are most worried about now: "things that go on on the streets, people are afraid of younger people hanging out and we recognise that we need to do an awful lot more there. Last year there were 6 thousand less incidents of anti-social behaviour that the year before."

He added "we've also got to work in communties to make them feel empowered and capable of tackling this sense that things are falling apart in some areas. Making sure they know that something has happened as a result of what they've said is an issue for them"

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