Devon Teen Pregnancy 10 Year High

The number of girls falling pregnant in Devon is at a 10 year high according to latest figures.

450 fifteen to seventeen year olds became mums-to-be in the county in 2008.

That's compared to 394 in 1998.

Nationally, the latest annual Office of National Statistics figures show a fall to the lowest teenage conception rates in 20 years.

18 year old Abby told Heart she's loving being a mum to her new baby daughter in Devon.

Click here to listen to her experience during pregnancy and since her baby was born in August.

At the same time as the statistics being released, Children’s Minister Dawn Primarolo and Public Health Minister Gillian Merron have launched Teenage Pregnancy Strategy: Beyond 2010.

This action plan outlines new measures to tackle the root causes of teenage pregnancy and trying to build on the national success of the last 10 years.

Other announcements include a new scheme to pilot one-to-one sexual health and contraception consultations for 16 year olds. Plus there are plans for more support for parents, increasing help for teachers and improving school-based health services.

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