Drink And Drug Driving Crackdown In South West

Drink and Drug Drive Campaign launches ahead of Christmas parties across the South West.

The operation will target drivers at all times of the day, which will deter drivers from using their cars the morning after drinking heavily the night before.

Bruce Clark, Lead Paramedic for the South Western Ambulance Service, told Heart:

“a bottle of wine can stay in your system for up to 13 hours after consumption…

Wine…if you go out for a work do, and drink until midnight, you really shouldn’t be driving at all the next day”

The emergency services will also be targeting drivers under the influence of drugs.

This can include prescription drugs.

Drivers can also be prosecuted if they have consumed alcohol and are under the drink-drive limit, but their driving is clearly worsened as a result of drinking at all.

Inspector Paul Gannon, who is heading up the campaign, says “it’s better not to drive at all after consuming alcohol or drugs; if you’ve been drinking a lot, you shouldn’t drive the next day either.”

Our Police, Ambulance and Fire Service also took part in the Mannequin Challenge to raise awareness for their campaign.

Check out the video below!