Drivers Using Phones in Dangerous Places

More drivers in Devon are stopping in dangerous places to answer calls on their mobiles.

Although we may think by stopping to talk we're staying within the law, police say bad choices over where to pull over are putting others at risk.

Devon Roads Policing Inspector Richard Pryce says it's becoming increasingly common: "when the phone rings they seem to just want to just pull over at the side of the road wherever they are and quite often we see people who are blocking junctions or pulling across the entrance into carparks for example"

He told Heart that punishments will be given out: "If it was perhaps double white lines down the centre of the road thats a really serious offence, zig zag lines on the approach to pedestrian crossings that's an endorsable offence - you commit many many differenct sorts of offences depending on where you stop if it's not safe."

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