Exeter Family Fight for Billie

Billie Bainbridge was an ordinary little girl of 4, who was preparing to start school in September of this year, and had a certain future ahead of her.

However, at the beginning of June this year, the worst case scenario occured and disaster struck, as Billie was diagnosed with brain stem cancer.

But for the family, it was a double tragedy as Billie's mother Terri was also diagnosed with breast cancer at the beginning of the year. She underwent surgery to get rid of the tumour and has now begun a 5 week course of daily radiotherapy.

For Bille, the symptoms happened very suddenly and after just 2 days of feeling shaky on her legs, not being able to swallow and finding it hard to keep her eyes open, she went for a brain scan where doctors discovered the worst.

Billie as a happy child

Immediate action was taken in aid of Billie, and she was sent to University College London Hospital in June where she stayed for a 6 week programme of radiotherapy which recently finished at the beginning of August. This radiotherapy is used as a way of shrinking the tumour as because of the location of the cancer, it is unable to be operated on.

Terri Bainbridge

However, radiotherapy isn't working with the tumour likely to grow back again during the 6 - 9 month period. There are very low survival rates.

Due to the research of Billie's family, it has been discovered that 2 clinics in the United States have had successes in similiar cases previously. However, like any major operation, the cost can be more than £200,000.

To help Billie and her family, please visit http://www.billiebutterflyfund.org/

or http://www.justgiving.com/billiebutterflyfund