Exeter: Stand Against Sexual Harassment



University of Exeter students will take a stand against sexual harassment, violence and abuse.

Participants will wear red ribbons and clothing to symbolise the 'suffering in silence' victims of sexual assault can experience. 

Students have reported sexual harassment ranging from catcalling to uninvited bodily contact, as well as sexual assault. 

Victims are often blamed and are left feeling ashamed, humiliated and fearful. 

It's got to the point women and girls expect harassment, and boys and men don't know their behaviour is criminal. 

The event was inspired by one student's experience as well as those of many others in Exeter, across the UK and around the world. 

Fundraising will take place during the event for local charity SAFE (Stop Abuse For Everyone) who ran the women's refuge in Exeter before it was closed last year.

The vigil will take place in Exeter City centre between 6 and 7pm.