Exeter Unemployed "Tweet" For Jobs

Social networking sites're being seen as a way to get unemployed people in Exeter back into work.

It's as more and more of people who are out of work in the city are going on to websites like Twitter and Facebook and finding jobs being advertised by either employers or recruitment firms.

Sarah Knight, Director of Sarah West recruitment in Exeter says they post vacancies on social networking sites and are finding that loads of people are getting in touch to say they are interested, then conversations continue and they have a chance of landing a job.

Ms. Knight reckons it's great for people who are a little lacking in confidence about putting themselves straight into the application process, as a post on a social networking site can seem less pressurised and formal. 

Click here to listen to Sarah telling Heart how much of a difference a simple "tweet" has made to many in Exeter. 

She's telling a conference of Devon business leaders called "Like Minds" this weekend how a few "tweets" for instance can break the stuffiness of an application form, and employers can see the "real us".

She also says that local businesses can find other local firms. start communicating and develop business links.