Exeter's waste mountain

Anger is growing as more uncollected rubbish is thrown onto the streets in Exeter.

Some areas of the city haven't seen a dustbin cart for a month.

It's being blamed on the bad weather and the Christmas holidays.

A number of bin men slipped over on the ice breaking their wrists, and trying to control a 26 tonne truck down streets full of cars and playing children was considered too much of a health and safety risk.

Andy Ballantyne reports on the waste mountain

Council officials admit it may take until the end of the month until the situation returns to normal.

Some bags left out for a month

The advice is NOT to put any more rubbish out and stick with your normal collection days.

More crews have been sent in to city hotspots to clear the back log, they deny the mess poses a health risk, and have blamed some residents for adding to the mess knowing their bins won't be collected. 

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Kate from Barrack Road:- Exeter city council collected our recycling this morn BUT it's not due for collection until Friday!Household waste still here from 10th Dec.