Flies Invade East Devon Homes

Two East Devon Free range Egg farmers have been found guilty of causing an invasion of thousands of flies in villages surrounding their farm. 

Herbert and James Persey were convicted of causing a nuisance to locals at Exeter Magistrates court. 

The problem was first reported in 2009, when there were complaints about manure at chicken sheds in villages surrounding the farm in Plymtree. 

The Perseys were told they had to deal with the problem, but ignored a notice sent to them by East Devon District Council. A pest expert said the swarms of flies were the worst they had seen in 34 years. 

The manure created the perfect breeding ground for an estimate of more than six million flies, which invaded local houses and businesses. 

The Environment Agency was called out to take samples from some homes where there were layers of flies on carpets, in fridges, on work surfaces and even in food and drink. 

A local pub even had to stop serving food because the infestation was so bad. 

It's the first time East Devon District Council has won a case against a Free range egg farmer for causing nuisance by flies. 

Similar cases are being investigated in Mid Devon, as there have also been complaints about similar problems in villages there. 

The Persey's will be sentenced next week, where they could face a fine of up to £20,000.