Help for 600 Deprived Exeter Families

It's hoped a scheme in Exeter is going to help about 600 more deprived families eat healthier by growing their own food.

A quarter of a million pounds of Big Lottery Local Food funding has gone into The Harvest project which will give out free container boxes to grow things like herbs and vegetables.

It's particularly targeting those of us in Exeter who are less well-off and don't have access to green open spaces where we can grow things.

Click here to listen to Heart speaking to Ellie Parker who is one of the Project Managers.

The 3 year project is all about trying to encourage us across the city to grow our own food.

The scheme will give away container-growing kits for those of us with limited space, like for example if we live in a flat or don't have a garden.

It will also see volunteers trained up as so-called "growing champions" to support those involved in growing food in containers, developing community growing spaces which include an allotment at Cowick and also establishing a "Garden Share" scheme which will match people up who wish to grow things with others who have underused gardens.

Heart's learnt there is also going to be various events set up all celebrating growing, sharing and eating local food.

For how to get involved and more about the project go to