Hundreds of Parking Fines to be Refunded

£35,000 worth of fines given out at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital are to be refunded because the wrong 'powers' were being used.

Hundreds of motorists fined between May 2008 and last Autumn could be in line to get their money back from Exeter City Council - who issued the fines.

It's after a member of the public legally challenged the way parking was being enforced, leading the council to conclude they weren't doing it correctly. Drivers are being told they need to apply in order to get their money refunded.

Director of Devolopment for Exeter City Council John Rigby has been exlaining how it happened, "the new system came in on street in May 2008, we sought advice and were told we shouldn't be so we carried on using the old powers, it was only by going to a specialist lawyer that we realised we were using the wrong powers. It's very regrettable but having examined our position we think we cannot sustain those fines."

To listen to the interview with John Rigby CLICK HERE